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Lindow Moss

Not many people know that on the western side of Wilmslow lies a landscape of international archeological, historical and ecological importance, the site where the body of Lindow Man was discovered in 1984.


This degraded peat bog, cut for peat for centuries, but most recently damaged by mechanised peat cutting is at last, we hope, on the verge of restoration. The cut over peat bog is only part of the story, and together with local councils and environmental organisations, we are hoping for the restoration of a wider area of Mossland to be restored. This will capture carbon, promote biodiversity and provide a beautiful landscape for everyone to enjoy. 

We organise guided walks on and around Lindow Moss, plant hunts, and talks about the Moss. Our Lindow Moss Restoration Group brings together Mossland experts and local people, and our Lindow Moss Community Forum meets several times a year to update on progress with the restoration. If you would like to attend the meetings and be updated on progress please contact us here.


Lindow Moss in summer

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