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February 2022 News

Congratulations to the Transport Group who mobilised the guides, the Heads of Wilmslow Schools, and a host of local people to respond to the Cheshire East Highways complex and confusing Speed Management Strategy. We hope that we have got across the importance of roads for all users, not just those in cars. We just want safer streets for everyone; 20s plenty for us!

Community Market Garden meet ups start this month and we have a tree planting day at the Rugby Club on 28th February. Get in touch if you would like to help.

The Festival Organising Committee are planning another Festival of Nature in September this year. Join us if you would like to help.

We know that energy costs are going to be a real anxiety for many people this year. While our energy group is in abeyance at present, we can offer free thermal imaging surveys for homes and businesses. If you would be interested in developing our energy group,

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