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Tree and Woodland Group

Our Tree and Woodland Group has set itself an ambitious target to double tree cover in Wilmslow by 2040.


Trees are essential for absorption of carbon and support for biodiversity, as well as providing areas of beauty and tranquillity which are vital for our physical and mental health. The group has been working with Ansa (part of Cheshire East Council) to identify areas of public land for planting, as well as planting in our own Community Gardens and in people's own gardens. There are plenty of opportunities over the winter months to help with tree planting. 


Family Tree Planting at The Forest Garden, Festival of Nature 2021

The internationally acclaimed rock band, The 1975, all alumnae of Wilmslow High School, have made a generous donation to the charity Earthwatch to fund a “Tiny Forest” on the High School site.  Many thanks to Lisa Johnson for liaising between the school, the council and Earthwatch to identify a  suitable place for planting and to organise the planting day on 4th February. Around 60 people,  including young families, came along to plant 600 native trees


A Tiny Forest is a dense, fast growing native woodland, ideally suited to urban environments where nature is needed most. The first UK Tiny Forest was planted in 2020, since when more than 150 have been planted. The charity provide the trees, prepare the site for planting, and provide support to the community to help us enjoy, monitor and manage the woodland for biodiversity, carbon capture and our wellbeing and enjoyment. More details about Tiny Forests can be found here

If you would like to help monitor the Forest with maintenance, community engagement or science by becoming a Tree Keeper, email

Tiny Forest

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