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So many fantastic events on offer throughout September! We have got guided walks, bike rides, e-bike rides, a Community Garden Party, expert talks, Green Homes Tours, tour of the Frankland Garden, subsidised screenings of The Lorax, 2040 and The Biggest Little Farm at The Rex, the Inspired by Lindow Art Exhibition at the Wilmslow Guild and the AMAZING "On Yer Bike" Car Free Street festival in Wilmslow on 25 September. Come along to central Wilmslow and see Alderley Road transformed! Help us to keep the music going by pedalling our bikes, bring along bikes, trikes and scooters for children's fun and "bike check and chat"; enjoy the Carnival Performers, play chess and get creative! as well as enjoying our eco-themed stalls.

Please book your tickets on and join us in activities designed to inspire and motivate us to take more care of OUR planet!

The Spice Girls! Bringing Carnival to our Festival on 25th September

And just look what our friends at Cheshire Wildlife Trust said about us!

A big hello from Cheshire Wildlife Trust. We’re your region’s leading conservation charity, and we’ve been fighting for nature’s recovery for the last 60 years. Working across Cheshire, Halton, Stockport, Tameside, Trafford, Warrington and Wirral, our mission is to bring wildlife back – for everyone, everywhere.

When did you last see a hedgehog? Hear a skylark? Smell a wildflower meadow? Sadly, these amazing natural experiences are becoming more and more rare across the generations. Nature in the UK is broken – we are in fact one of the world's most nature-depleted countries in the world. Not only are we in a nature emergency, but we are also in climate and people emergencies, all which are intrinsically linked.

When healthy, our natural world can provide resilience to climate change, as well as be our gym, our therapist and our inspiration, available and free all year round.

The good news is that it’s not too late to bring wildlife back to Cheshire. If everyone does something to help, we can restore our natural world.

Although under pressure, Cheshire has incredible wildlife and heritage to be discovered. Formed by glaciers retreating after the last ice age, our meres and mosses (also known as peatlands) are a chain of bogs, marsh and fen wetlands of international importance, spilling out from Cheshire into Shropshire, Staffordshire and parts of north Wales. While only a fragment of their former size, they are still home to many plants and insects that are rarely found elsewhere. Lindow Moss is a perfect example of carbon storing peatland that is home to many interesting plants and animals, as well as its historical importance.

By attending Wilmslow’s Festival of Nature, you obviously care about taking action for wildlife locally. Brilliant! If you’d like to know what else you can do to support wildlife on your doorstep all year round, please visit our website. Here you can find practical actions you can take in your home, outdoor space, schools, workplace and local community. You can sign your name to campaigns to give nature the legal protection it deserves. Or you can join over 17,000 adults, families and children in Cheshire who give their support to allow Cheshire Wildlife Trust to continue to inspire communities, create wildlife havens and reintroduce lost species such as Delamere’s beavers. Just earlier this year we, with the help of local volunteers, sowed a wildflower meadow at The Carrs Park. As a charity, we could do even more for nature with you on our side.

Already taking action for wildlife? Add what you’re doing to our online map to inspire others locally. Everyone can do something to help nature, no matter how big or small. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTokand share your pictures, images and experiences with our WILD online community.

We’re your local Wildlife Trust – let’s bring wildlife back together – for everyone, everywhere.

Thank you and enjoy Wilmslow’s Festival of Nature.

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Transition Wilmslow is an amazing group of dynamic people trying to do a bit to save the planet in all sorts of ways.

Whilst I was busy teaching kids about picking tomatoes and cucumbers at our Community Market Garden at Oakenclough this week, someone else was busy lining groups up to do exciting things on climate action at the street festival for our Festival of Nature in September, another was scanning Wilmslow and area planning applications to try and get them to be environmentally responsible, and some were hard at work trying to get our constitution revised to make it acceptable as a charitable incorporated organization. So many different things go on behind the scenes, whether Tree Group or Lindow Moss, and more help is always welcomed!

Are you any good at social media? Administration? Let us know! And join an amazing group doing our bit to try and save a planet for our children. Our next meeting is 18th August at 7.30pm at the Quaker Meeting House.

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Congratulations to the Transport Group who mobilised the guides, the Heads of Wilmslow Schools, and a host of local people to respond to the Cheshire East Highways complex and confusing Speed Management Strategy. We hope that we have got across the importance of roads for all users, not just those in cars. We just want safer streets for everyone; 20s plenty for us!

Community Market Garden meet ups start this month and we have a tree planting day at the Rugby Club on 28th February. Get in touch if you would like to help.

The Festival Organising Committee are planning another Festival of Nature in September this year. Join us if you would like to help.

We know that energy costs are going to be a real anxiety for many people this year. While our energy group is in abeyance at present, we can offer free thermal imaging surveys for homes and businesses. If you would be interested in developing our energy group,

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